Events 2022

may 2022

Mähirli Zenan: Showcasing Exclusive National-style Clothing at the Inter-Parliamentary Forum Exhibition

On May 13, at the Expo Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, within the framework of the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of Central Asian and Russian Countries, an exhibition of national economic achievements took place, with the participation of 50 exhibitors.

The stand of Mähirli Zenan fashion house with its collection of exclusive clothing in the national style attracted the attention of visitors.

The recognizable signature style of Mähirli Zenan is evident in every stitch and seam of the handcrafted Turkmen national embroidery, comparable to a work of art.

During the event, a fashion show was also held, where Mähirli Zenan presented elegant ensembles skillfully blending national motifs with contemporary fashion trends. Each outfit from the fashion house is a subtle reflection of Turkmen culture, seamlessly integrating into modern fashion directions.

Master of National Embroidery from Mähirli Zenan Fashion House Shines at the International Festival of Gold Embroidery and Jewelry Art

Dunyagozel Tayeva, Master of national embroidery from Mähirli Zenan Fashion House, participated in the International Festival of Gold Embroidery and Jewelry Art held in Bukhara from May 21 to 25.

The festival brought together the finest embroiderers, jewelry artisans, and craftsmen from 58 countries around the world.

The festival program was extensive, including an exhibition and sale, fashion shows, concerts, theatrical performances, and tours to renowned Bukhara jewelry workshops.

Master took part in a scientific-practical conference on the “History of Embroidery – Design and Innovative Approach.” She also conducted a masterclass on Turkmen embroidery technique called “keshde,” which is known for its uniqueness and intricate craftsmanship. She shared insights about the distinctive patterns of Turkmen embroidery with the Ozbekiston24 television channel.

Additionally, the Turkmen master participated in masterclasses led by other embroiderers, showcasing her skills in Uzbek traditional gold embroidery.

Returning home, she brought back new impressions and a wealth of experience gained from interacting with other festival participants. She also received festival participation certificates, including the nomination for “Best Craftswoman.”

The International Festival of Gold Embroidery and Jewelry Art in Bukhara is the first of its kind in this field. According to the decree of the President of Uzbekistan, starting from 2022, the festival will be held regularly in Bukhara every two years. The main objective of the festival is to promote Uzbek national crafts, facilitate international exchange of experience, and foster collaboration in this field.

The forum was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan.

september 2022

Fashion week 2022 is being held in the capital of Turkmenistan.
The festival “Ashgabat – City of Design: Fashion Week 2022” opened its doors to the leading designers and fashion designers of Turkmenistan. Fashionable autumn looks and new clothes of domestic brands are presented on the red carpet of the capital’s House of Models.

Without departing from folk traditions, Turkmen designers continue to combine modern comfortable style with national heritage, creating new costumes and unique outfits. In this light, the “Made in Turkmenistan” brand acquires special significance not only for domestic consumers, but also for the foreign public.

For several days now, a colorful kaleidoscope of new shapes, styles of dresses and hand-made exclusive models of clothes has been shining on the Ashgabat podium.

Judging by the presented collections, red, pink, green and turquoise colors will become relevant in the fall 2022 color palette. Hand embroidery, which adorns various items of clothing, will remain original and in demand.

For the first time, Ashgabat Fashion Week is held under the auspices of the Secretariat of the National Commission of Turkmenistan for UNESCO. A year earlier, the white marble capital was nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Design category.

Modern National Attire by Mähirli Zenan Showcased at Tourism Expo Tokyo 2022

Samples of contemporary national clothing from Mähirli Zenan are being presented as part of the Turkmen exhibition at the ongoing Tourism Expo Tokyo 2022 in Japan.

The showcased women’s festive and casual attire by Mähirli Zenan, including dresses, dons, capes, and scarves embellished with exquisite national embroidery, serve as a vibrant representation of Turkmenistan’s brand.

Alongside other exhibits featured in the National Pavilion of the country, they “narrate” the unique culture of the Turkmen people, reflecting their history, customs, and lifestyle.

The Mähirli Zenan collection captivates the attention of international tour operators and travel enthusiasts with its aesthetic appeal, contemporary interpretation of traditions, and commitment to heritage and folk art, which plays a significant role in promoting the tourism product.

Participating in this prestigious tourism forum, Mähirli Zenan views it as a symbol of special trust and a powerful stimulus for further creative endeavors.

october 2022

Mähirli Zenan Showcased Modern Women’s Clothing at Design-2022 Forum and “Design without borders” Exhibition

Mähirli Zenan participated in the Ashgabat Design-2022 Forum and the International “Design without borders” Exhibition, held from October 11th to 13th of the current year at the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan.

In the Mähirli Zenan pavilion, samples of contemporary women’s clothing were presented, including pieces from their new collection, which seamlessly blend national traditions with modern trends in the fashion industry.

Mähirli Zenan actively takes part in competitions, exhibitions, and fashion shows organized by the municipal authorities of the Turkmen capital, as well as industry ministries and departments, utilizing every opportunity to promote modern Turkmen fashion while maintaining its connection to cultural heritage and uniqueness.

Recalling the results of the Fashion Week 2022, held in the first decade of September as part of the “Ashgabat – City of Design” project, the company emerged as the winner in the category of “Best Conceptual Design.”

Mähirli Zenan Showcases Traditional and Contemporary Clothing at the International Festival of Craftsmanship and Decorative Applied Arts

Individual Enterprise Mähirli Zenan is currently participating in the ongoing International Festival of Craftsmanship and Decorative Applied Arts in Turkmenabat.

National garments, including traditional shawls and robe-coats, are showcased at the exhibition of handicrafts and decorative applied arts, taking place at the Historical and Local Lore Museum of Lebap Province.

Evening and casual dresses, created by designers and craftsmen from Mähirli Zenan, seamlessly blend traditional national aesthetics with modern trends in the fashion industry. These unique creations were featured in a fashion show held on October 13th as part of the festival.

november 2022

Mähirli Zenan, an Individual Enterprise, Awarded in City’s Professional Sewing and Crafts Contest

Mähirli Zenan, an individual enterprise, has been awarded first place in the final round of the Ashgabat contest “Zenan kalbyndan dörän nepislik” organized by the Kopetdag district of the Turkmen capital.

The award ceremony for the creators of national women’s and children’s fashion took place on November 25th at the “Ashgabat” Hotel. Each district of the city was represented by three enterprises (ateliers).

In the contest, the craftswomen competed not only in their ability to sew a dress within one hour(!), but also to describe the unique features of their enterprise or atelier specializing in national clothing within five minutes. They even demonstrated their knowledge of poetry or other literary works dedicated to the traditions of national handicrafts.

The imaginative flair and skill consistently demonstrated by the designers and craftswomen of Mähirli Zenan allow them to participate in fashion shows, contests, and exhibitions of various levels, both within Turkmenistan and beyond its borders.

It is worth noting that the “Zenan kalbyndan dörän nepislik” contest is organized by the Central Council of the Women’s Union of Turkmenistan and the National Center of Trade Unions in commemoration of Turkmenistan’s Neutrality Day.

december 2022

Mähirli Zenan Participates in Exhibition for Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Turkey Summit

Mähirli Zenan is taking part in an exhibition organized at the “Berkarar” Hotel in the National Tourist Zone of Avaza on the occasion of the trilateral summit of the leaders of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

The Mähirli Zenan pavilion showcases magnificent examples of contemporary clothing executed in a national style. This includes evening and casual dresses that seamlessly blend traditional aesthetics with modern trends in the fashion industry. Additionally, there are meticulously embroidered shawls, robe-coats, traditional headwear known as “tahya,” and exquisite handcrafted accessories inspired by historical designs. Visitors have the opportunity to appreciate the originality and craftsmanship of these pieces, created by the skilled artisans of the enterprise.

The models from Mähirli Zenan consistently stand out for their aesthetic appeal, modern interpretation of traditions, and adherence to cultural heritage. Alongside other exhibits showcased at the summit-related exhibition, they provide insights into the distinctive culture of the Turkmen people, reflecting their history, customs, and way of life.

The professionalism and dedication to traditions demonstrated by the designers and craftswomen of Mähirli Zenan enable them to participate in high-level fashion shows, contests, and exhibitions not only in Turkmenistan but also internationally, extending far beyond the country’s borders.